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My review of - Thumbs Up! is a Best Buy brand that claims to put fun in bargain shopping. As what its catchphrase says, Great Deals. No Bull. Who doesn’t have fun finding the best deals online, though? But that doesn’t matter much because what matters now is you check out the website and take a look at the bargains available. Either way, here is my CowBoom review.

My CowBoom Review – What Do They Do? offers great deals for the techie. One may find this website as a gadget paradise. In fact, you can buy an Apple MacBook for only $369.99 instead of paying for almost $1500 for it if you buy from other online stores. iPad tablets are also available at CowBoom and at a real affordable price too.
The prices of gadgets these days can be incredulous but now that you know of the Best Buy brand, you will be able to get all the gadgets you want at half the price. The website offers free shipping too, if you use this site’s CowBoom promo code!

Now, this isn’t just tooting the horn of CowBoom (so to speak) or making it sound better than it really is. This is for real and you can really get great deals from the website. As CowBoom says, no bull.

What Can You Buy At CowBoom?

Known as the close-out site for Best Buy, the site offers real low prices on all brand name items. It covers tablets and e-readers, gaming consoles, printers, smartphones, cameras, computers, camcorders and other gadgets.

For those looking to do their Christmas shopping but are trying to save some money, then this website is the best place to be. They sell brand new items as well as used ones making it sort of the eBay for gadgets. Refurbished gadgets are also sold at the website. Another wonderful thing about CowBoom apart from the unbelievable prices for the gadgets that it sells, is that it lets you pay through PayPal directly. In fact, no matter what the payment method you choose, CowBoom will instantly transfer it as a PayPal eCheck making transactions safer than other websites.

Pre-owned gadgets may not something you may want to buy, but at CowBoom, the pre-owned items are in excellent condition. In my opinion, quality is what you get from For those who haven’t tried shopping at CowBoom before, it is safe to shop with the Best Buy brand because they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well as free shipping for most of their items.

The website also offers daily deals so if you are on the lookout for a certain type of gadget be it a tablet PC, a gaming console or a computer, going to is a always a wonderful idea.

Bottom Line CowBoom Review

Oddly, the rating of CowBoom is quite low at though but this is natural since it is a somewhat new website. Only time will tell they say, but basing it from the quality of the customer service of CowBoom, it is very likely that they will become more popular in due time. Make sure to use a CowBoom promo code before purchasing your next gadget to save a little extra money.

In my personal opinion, I would review CowBoom as a very positive shopping experience, and I’ve had no issues with them. However, there are some horror stories published online from some very unhappy shoppers. As always, make extra sure that your purchases arrive correctly and on-time. They have a great return policy, so if you ever find a problem with your order, you can always send it back.

I hope you’ve found my CowBoom review to be useful. Please let me know your thoughts below in the comments if you’ve had a positive or negative experience with this company.


2 Responses to My Cowboom Review – How Reliable Is The Site?

  1. wynams says:

    Just had my first and last experience with Cowboom.
    Low prices will draw you in, ordered a kinect (open box? refurb?) who knows, impossible to tell based on description.
    Received immediate confirmation of order and was immediately charged.
    Jump forward one week, order showing pending. Received email “we cancelled your order, wait 5 more business days for refund”.
    Not a fan of being lied to, nor have my money tied up for over 2 weeks.

    Amazon has a closeout store as well (amazon warehouse deals) which has 10x the service and comparable prices.

    • Matt Saren says:

      Sorry you had such a lousy experience. I haven’t used CowBoom as much lately, but the last time I did, I got the product I ordered right away. If I were you, I’d use their online chat system and register a complaint. They might give you store credit or something for the hassle.

      Better luck in the future!

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