Want To Stay in Shape While You’re Pregnant? You’re In Luck! Read On for the 6 Best and Safest Exercises During Pregnancy

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Why Exercise During Pregnancy?

The benefits of working out while pregnant are innumerable. You’re not only helping yourself stay in shape when you work out, you are helping to ensure a great start for a healthy baby. Here are just a few reasons to exercise when pregnant:

  • A better night’s sleep
  • Stress relief
  • You prepare your body for the birthing process
  • You prepare your body for the postpartum weight loss
  • Help reduce mood swings and nausea

What Exercises are Safe To Do While Pregnant?

First of all, you should know which type of exercises not to while pregnant. You should always avoid exercises that overheat your body. This is especially important during the first trimester. You should also avoid high-intensity workouts. Lastly, you should keep your heart rate below 75% to avoid fatiguing yourself.

Now, for the best exercises to do when you’re pregnant…

#1 – Swimming

Swimming while pregnant is one of the best workouts you can do. It’s low-impact, low-intensity, and works out your entire body. Most of all, swimming is relaxing! Joining a local water aerobics class is highly recommended as it will help you stay on target. Your risk of injury is nearly zero while swimming as well. You should swim for at least 25-30 minutes at a stretch, but take plenty of breaks to avoid over-exerting yourself.

#2 – Walking

TriLASTIN-SR Stretch Marks Removal CreamAs simple as it sounds, walking during pregnancy is a wonderful way to exercise. It’s relatively low-impact, and again, your risk of injury is very low. You should aim to walk 25-30 minutes at a time in order to keep your metabolism up. Again, you should take plenty of breaks if you start feeling overworked.

#3 – Elliptical Machines Or Other Low-Impact Aerobics

Using an elliptical while pregnant is perfectly safe. As long as you don’t have the resistance level up too high, the impact on your knees is negligible. However, your body does go through some hormonal changes during pregnancy, so if you experience problems with your knees or other joints, be sure to contact your doctor immediately. Also remember to avoid over-heating on this machine.

#4 – Yoga

Performing Yoga while pregnant has quite a few benefits on its own. It’s extremely relaxing, it can relieve cramping, it can help reduce nausea, and it helps you control your breathing which certainly comes in handy later. You should look for local prenatal classes in your area to get more information on which particular types of yoga are the most beneficial for you.

#5 – Dancing

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You obviously want to avoid high-impact dance styles such as swing or break dancing, but there are a number of ways to continue dancing while pregnant. Belly dancing is generally considered to be the one of the most effective dance styles. You can also look into ballet, light jazz, and salsa dancing, although you should avoid any moves that entail quick turns or jumps. Use common sense, and avoid smoke-filled environments at all costs.

#6 – Bicycling

Riding a bike while pregnant is perfectly fine, although you need to be extra careful. Once you’re a few months along, your center of gravity starts to change, and you are more likely to lose your balance. If you want to continue cycling later in your pregnancy, it’s advisable to stay on paved bike trails or sidewalks, and avoid areas of heavy traffic.

Looking for More Exercises?

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